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Analysis and odds prediction for Finland vs Slovenia, 23:00 on June 16th - UEFA European Championship. Expert analysis and odds analysis for the Finland vs Slovenia match from top experts.
Get ahead of the game this week with our expert football tips monday matches. Our team of seasoned analysts has scoured the stats and dug deep to provide you with the best insights and predictions, giving you the edge you need to beat the bookies and come out on top.
Finland and Slovenia are in the same Group H in the UEFA European Championship. This group also includes Denmark, Northern Ireland, Kazakhstan, and San Marino. It is a difficult group for the host team.
Finland recently had a hard-fought victory over Northern Ireland with a score of 1-0. Currently, they are in 5th place in the group with only 3 points. In their last 10 matches, they have only managed 2 wins and suffered 5 defeats.
On the other hand, Slovenia has shown good form by sitting at the top of the group after 2 wins against Kazakhstan and San Marino. Their record is quite impressive with 8 consecutive unbeaten matches, including 5 victories.
In their most recent encounter in 2013, Finland won 2-0, but it was just a friendly match 10 years ago. With their current form, Slovenia is likely to have the upper hand.
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Asian handicap odds prediction: Slovenia has a solid lineup and their recent performance has made other teams cautious. In this away game, they have a high chance of securing all 3 points as Finland has only won 1 out of their last 8 matches at home.
Prediction: Slovenia +1/4 for the full match.
Over/Under odds prediction: In this match, Slovenia will be playing away from home, so they are unlikely to take risks by pushing their lineup too high. They will likely choose a defensive approach and wait for quick counterattacks. Meanwhile, Finland's weaker lineup may struggle to dominate, so the Under option may be favorable for investors.
Prediction: Under 2 1/4 for the full match.
Expected lineups for Finland vs Slovenia:
Finland: Hradecky; Jensen, Ivanov, Soiri, Alho; Taylor, Schuller, Kamara, Suhonen; Kallman, Pukki.
Slovenia: Belec; Stojanovic, Brekalo, Bijol, Karnicnik; Zajc, Cerin, Lovric, Verbic; Vipotnik, Sesko.
Score prediction: Finland 0-1 Slovenia.
Asian handicap prediction: Choose Slovenia.
Over/Under prediction: Choose Under.
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